Pocketable Laptop Mouse


Elecom Mouse
By Bruce Eaton

My favorite computer hardware maker from Japan, Elecom just gave me another reason to envy the Land of the Every Cool Gadget Known to Man Rising Sun. The M-D7UR is made for laptops and road warriors, not just offering a wireless mouse but a hidden trap door to put the mouse’s dongle into when not in use.

Coming in at 59.0×108.3×37.5mm and weighing 92.4g, it will probably be lighter than your current one. To top it all off, Elecom thought to themselves, “Bruce would really like 6 deliciously colored ones to chose from so as not to clash with his case.” And how right they were. At ?5,040 or around $50, I am snagging one immediately.

I call blue so step off. It’s mine. All mine. My Precious. [Bruce huffs paint thinner. He’s weak, forgive him. -Ed.]

[Elecom M-D7UR] VIA [Akihabara News]

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