Pear Tree

By Evan Ackerman

Need more light in your life? Grow it on a tree. The Pear Light, designed by Nick Foley, is a hand forged steel tree upon which grow three pears. Inside each pear are 10 ultra bright LEDs and some rechargeable batteries. The pears attach to the tree with magnets; when you want some light, pick a pear, and when your pear goes dead (in about an hour), just stick it back on the tree and it’ll recharge itself. An elegant (and bright) idea, but the “hand forged” part makes me think it’ll be hard to get your hands on one. More pics after the jump.

Pear Tree

Pear Tree

Pear Tree

[ Pear Light ] VIA [ Yanko Design ]


  1. Why a tree? It’ll cost alot less just to have a recharge box or sumthin. I dont want an ugly metal tree sitting in the corner of my room

  2. Well, I don’t think it is ugly. You obviously wouldn’t buy this if you don’t like the art behind it. Buy a flashlight and don’t bother to tell us what YOU find ugly.

  3. This is definately an art piece not just a piece of technology, but it does have a practical side (kind-of). I like it but to be honest, I doubt it would be practical for most people to buy an expensive artist flashlight. This is definately an item for a very specific market.
    I could build something similar to this from ~$30-45 worth of parts (but I bet it would cost alot more to buy) so I would build mine, but I do like the unique design of it. I definately find it interesting.

  4. Its the looks that I find most appealing. It is very cool and indeed would be a modern tech-geek atmosphere enhancement. If you don’t like it then you should stick to something with a bit less class that your right brain can comprehend.

    I want one of these. How much do they cost? Where do you get them? Do they take credit cards?


  5. You see the pictures right away because you came to this page via a link which took you directly to “after the jump”. If you were on the main page, you wouldn’t see the pictures until you clicked on the “more” link.

  6. So it’s a really big electromagnet that draws a ton of energy to recharge LED bulbs with really small, really shortlived internal batteries. The right brain person is confused. I’ll take Andrea’s ugly box with better bulbs.