Portal 2 Interactive Gels

Portal 2 Interactive Gels (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)

Portal 2 Interactive Gels (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m assuming until recently these small tins of the interactive gels that were so vital to completing Portal 2 were only available in the Aperture Science gift shop. But since the company seems to have fallen on hard times as of late, you can now get them from ThinkGeek instead. All three varieties are available including the bue Repulsion Gel, the white Conversion Gel (you know, for making any surface portal-friendly) and the orange Propulsion Gel. Since the amounts included in the tins are so small though, just 3.2oz, I doubt you’re actually going to see their effect. So don’t expect any miracles if you order them individually at $14.99 each, or as a complete set for $39.99.

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