Remember the days when people communicated by wire and by post? We’ve come a long way since then, since the advent of the Internet brought about near-instant ways to send notes and messages, such as through email and SMS. Call me old-fashioned, but nothing quite beats receiving a letter in the mail. There’s just something about reading someone’s message from a handwritten letter versus an email on the browser window.

The only snail mail that most people get these days are bills and catalogs. For that reason, most people I know don’t really check their mailboxes often. However, you can change what you receive in the post by sending letters and postcards out first to friends and family from other states and continents. Wait a while, and your mailbox will be filled with letters once more. And so you won’t needlessly check your mailbox anymore, you can install the Postifier.

Postifier has reusuable adhesive, so you stick it to the inside roof panel of your Postbox. The sensor detects change in infrared light when mail is inserted into your Postbox. The Bluetooth module then activates and waits for pairing with your smartphone.

Since the Postifier works via Bluetooth, your mobile device has to be within the range of the sensor inside your mailbox in order to receive notifications. It might not do a whole lot, but it will save you a few trips down your driveway to your mailbox when there’s no mail inside.

Postifier was created by Matt Luba and Samir Thaker and is currently up for funding on Indiegogo, where a minimum pledge of $25 will get you one of your very own.

VIA [ Bit Rebels ]