It looks like a bronchodilator, but it isn’t. Bronchodilators, incidentally, are what you call those pumps people suffering from asthma use. This product from company Gaiam Ltd, instead,

is a unique, simple-to-use, drug free product designed to help maximise sports performance, improve fitness and reduce breathlessness.

Just as you might use weights to strengthen your arm muscles, breathing in through POWERbreathe for a few minutes twice daily, makes your inspiratory muscles work harder – thereby increasing their strength and endurance.

So, um, I figured this could come in handy to… well, pretty much to anybody who spends a little too much time in front of a computer, reading blogs and getting a little rotund in the process. (wink wink)

The product page is here and it apparently goes for around £49.95 at sports shops all over. Story VIA The Cool Hunter.