By Evan Ackerman

PQI ReadyBoost Module

The DiskOnModule from PQI takes advantage of the ReadyBoost feature built into Windows Vista, which lets you plug in some of those USB flash memory keys that you have lying around (or any other form of flash memory) to improve your system performance. Rather than embrace the convenience of an external, removable, reusable, dirt cheap USB key, the DiskOnModule gets plugged directly into your motherboard (i.e. inside your computer), kinda exactly like RAM, which is better in innumerable ways (albeit slightly more expensive). No, plugging the module directly into your motherboard doesn’t improve the questionable performance of ReadyBoost. At $67 for the 2gb version, it’s significantly more expensive than a USB key, and you can’t use it for anything else. Even if I weren’t sticking with XP, I think I’d probably pass.

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