By Chris Scott Barr

When I think of camping, I imagine pitching a tent somewhere in the middle of nowhere and cooking food over an open fire. Of course, some people have a vastly different idea about camping. I’m talking about the people who pull up in a Winnebago with a stocked fridge, and hoist an antennae so that they can catch the race later. If your idea is somewhere in-between these, then you might be interested in the WaveBox.

Rather than relying on a campfire to heat your meals, the WaveBox allows you to nuke your food, just like you would back home. This “portable” microwave is going to require you to be near an outlet, or at the very least, your car. Most people will opt for the latter, in which case you’ll probably want to hook it directly to your car’s battery for maximum power. At just over $200, this microwave will either make you the envy of your camping buddies, or will get you kicked out of the tent.

[ WaveBox ] VIA [ Technabob ]