The SNES Classic’s controller is fantastic, and the fact that the console comes with two is even better. But if you’re hoping for a little more space to do your gaming, 8Bitdo is releasing a wireless version of SNES controller that works with the micro-console, called the SN30.

As you might expect the controller connects via a small Bluetooth dongle, and extends your range beyond the 4.5-foot cord of the included controllers. The wireless controller also has another great feature, pressing both Select/Start will take you back the home screen, a feature not found on Nintendo’s included controllers. 8Bitdo is also noted for having made a widely loved wireless version of the controller for the NES Classic last year, the NES30.

If you interested in the SNES Classic, there’s not much to hate here. The controllers are built by people with a very good reputation for accuracy, they have a built in rechargeable battery, and best of all, they’re only $25.

The only complaint is that right now they’re only taking pre-orders and the controllers won’t ship until December 10. But if you’re someone who’s likely to throw away many hours on the SNES classic, the SN30 is probably the best accessory to pair it with.

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