Prism 200c Through-Wall Radar Backpack Clearly Designed For Cool, Nonchalant Spies

Prism 200c (Images courtesy Cambridge Consultants)

Prism 200c (Images courtesy Cambridge Consultants)
By Andrew Liszewski

Cambridge Consultants’ Prism through-wall radar product line has been around for a few years now, but the latest version, the 200c pictured above, is one of the more inconspicuous iterations. Using ultra-wideband signals the device is able to see through walls made of wood, concrete or bricks and provide a 3-D view of human movement and positions from front, side and overhead angles, making it easier to determine a threat situation before entering a building.

And because the latest version is one of the smallest and lightest yet, it can easily be hidden in a backpack allowing someone to simply lean back against a wall while wearing it to glean useful tactical info. The images produced by the Prism 200c system are then transmitted in real-time to a nearby PC or even a handheld device for analyzing, so the user doesn’t look like they’re actively spying on what’s going on inside. As for the price? Since it’s being targeted at police and military organizations, you’ll probably need a good chunk of government funding to afford one.

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