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Pro-View Wireless Remote Display For SLRs

Pro-View Wireless Remote Display For SLRs

Pro-View Wireless Remote Display (Images courtesy Pro-View)
By Andrew Liszewski

The recent addition of live view LCD displays to DSRLs has made capturing photos at odd angles considerably easier, and you can think of the Pro-View as taking that idea one step further. It consists of a camera-equipped transmitter which is placed over the eyepiece of your SLR that sends a live video feed to a remote wireless display up to 500 feet away. The display has a 3.5-inch LCD running at a resolution of 640×480, though that can be split into 4 sub-views for monitoring up to 4 cameras at one time.

Now even though the remote does have a 4-way controller on it for adjusting tilt, pan and zoom, that functionality is useless if your camera isn’t setup in a proper rig allowing you to control that remotely, not to mention you’ll also need a remote for triggering the shutter. And it’s those limitations that make the $395 price tag a bit hard to swallow for amateur photogs. On the other hand, if photos of notoriously rare and shy animals in the wild pay your salary, this could be an instant must-have accessory.

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