betty beauty

By David Ponce

Allright, children, turn away. Let’s talk about pubes for a minute. Yeah, you heard me, and we’re talking pubes of the female persuasion (I hope). Now, I know hardly any woman nowadays sports a muff, and that’s fine by us. But for the fashion conscious of you, ladies, that don’t dare give in to the wax woman… then perhaps you’d like to give your love shrub a little makeover? If you’ve just gotten your (head hair) dyed, then you should know that a company called Betty Beauty is selling “color specially formulated for the hair down there”, perhaps so you can match? Or, well, maybe you’re graying, and you’d like to give yourself a brand new look. Whatever your motivation, we think there’s no such thing as a lame excuse for paying attention to your nether regions.

Each bottle is $20 and you get 5 different color choices.

[Betty Beauty] VIA [Strange New Products]


  1. Pubic hair dye is fun! It can quickly spice up a relationship for a period of time. You may think its weird but you might as well give it a try. If you don't like it then its easy enough to remove it.