By Luke Anderson

Everyone knows that kooky friend or relative that thinks that the government (aliens, the mafia, etc) is out to get them. If the person you know also happens to be filthy rich, you might point them in the direction of the Quantum Sleeper, which promises to bring some comfort to even the most paranoid of people.

This bed creeps me out to no end. I’m not usually the claustrophobic type, but something about this bed just screams “panic” when I think about actually sleeping in one. It has a slew of optional features including 1.25? Polycarbonate Bulletproof Plating/Shielding, Bio-Chemical Filtered Ventilation, Toiletry System, a microwave and more.

I guess if you’re really paranoid than this might be useful, however, if I’m going to spend the money on something that elaborite, I’m just going to go for a fancy underground bomb shelter or something. Oh, and as for the price, if you have to ask you can’t afford it.

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