Quickly Sort Your LEGOs With BOX4BLOX


By Chris Scott Barr

When anyone asks what my favorite childhood toys were, I almost always refer to my LEGOs. It’s a pretty obvious choice, as I easily spent more time with them than anything else, and I still keep some in my office to this very day. I don’t really build my own creations anymore, as I don’t have time to sift through hundreds and hundreds of plastic pieces looking for that special brick. Then again, with this BOX4BLOX I might not have to.

Using a series of boxes with incrementally-sized grids in the bottoms, this contraption will actually help you sort your LEGOs in short order. Now it won’t organize them in to specific brick piles, but it will sort them into four different sizes. Just start piling some bricks into the top box, then shift them around until the smaller ones fall through. Keep shaking it until you’re satisfied that the majority of the smaller pieces have fallen to the appropriate level. Rinse and repeat until you’re finished. This $40 sifter will hold roughly 1500-1700 of your favorite bricks.