When it comes to quitting your cancer stick addiction, any method that works is the best method. When you grow tired of patches, chewing gums, and meditation, maybe you can give the QuitBit a try. It’s a lighter that uses a heating coil to light your smoke, while also doing its best to help you stop. For one, it displays a host of information, like how many cigs you’ve smoked, how long since the last one, etc. And once you’ve connected it to your smartphone and determined what your plan of action is, it’ll simply stop working if you’re exceeding it. You decided you were going to go from 25 cigarettes a day to 20 in two weeks? Well, don’t try to light up a 21st because you won’t have a light. Oh sure, you could just ask someone, but maybe that extra speed bump, coupled with some willpower, will be enough. Maybe.

It’ll cost you a $79 pledge to find out.

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