Rack Up Some Faux Gaming Cred With These Retro NES Carts That Never Existed

NEStalgia Carts (Image courtesy 72 Pins)

NEStalgia Carts (Image courtesy 72 Pins)
By Andrew Liszewski

The next time you get in a conversation where you’re trying to one-up your friends about your cred as a gamer, just drop the old “well I’ve been playing Dead Space since it was on the NES” line and declare your checkmate. Who cares if the game never actually had an 8-bit predecessor? If they call you out on your claim, a mere $20 investment from 72 Pins will provide you with some hard-to-deny proof. Their collection of ‘Nestalgia’ carts include 8-bit versions of modern titles like BioShock, Killzone and even Halo. I mean can you imagine how repetitive Halo would feel were the game limited to an 8-bit environment? I bet the library would feel like you were playing the same level again and again and again…

Anyways, the carts of course don’t actually work. They’re just upcycled old NES games that have had the labels replaced with rather convincing alternatives. So if you’re trying to bluff a friend who still has a working NES at home, your ruse will instantly be foiled. But the fact that you dropped $20, on what is essentially a clever Photoshop job, could provide some gaming cred on its own merit.

[ 72 Pins – NEStalgia Carts ] VIA [ Joystiq ]


  1. Hey Andrew, thanks for posting about this project I’m involved in. Just a note: the cartridges ARE playable. They’re just random old games that you are prolific on ebay and in used stores (think all your Super Mario Bros. and original Madden games). They just arent playable versions of the game art (no 8-bit Shadow of the Colossus unfortunately).

    Also, if your readers are interested, they can use the code IAN4MAYOR to get a 10% discount.