By Chris Scott Barr

With St. Patrick’s Day gone, you might see a little less talk about leprechauns and rainbows, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t search for your own pot of gold in your house. Sure, you can make a rainbow by positioning light just perfectly over a mist of water, but who wants to go through that hassle? Instead, you can buy one of these Rainbow In My Room projectors.

The projector is aimed to be a cute nightlight for kids, which projects a rainbow throughout their room. Sadly, it doesn’t make a real rainbow of sorts, since those require water (and leprechauns). Still, if your child likes rainbows and wants a night light, you could do a lot worse for $23.

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  1. My daughter will definitely love this rainbow projector. I acutally remember every time I see a rainbow, my daughter singing Somewhere over the Rainbow and Rainbow Connection. LOL Thanks for sharing this information.