By David Ponce

We went from tackling 4 questions a week, to 8 questions a week… And then it hit us: why not be really useful, and try to answer 25 questions every week? Brilliant, right? Except we’re not going to give you a rundown of every single one of those. Instead, here’s a little sampling of four.

Last week started off with some broken wireless troubleshooting, a particularly difficult task without access to the ailing laptop. We then looked at the significance of hexadecimal error messages and addressed the ever popular Windows XP downgrading. The fourth question we’ll mention here concerns missing drivers following a reset BIOS.

The site is gaining even more traction, while at the same time adding more experts. Looks like we’re ramping up to full production. If you got a question, chances are we’ll be able to answer it.

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