RC X2 Dragster Hoping To Break 200mph


X2 RC Car (Image courtesy Jalopnik)
By Andrew Liszewski

Believe it or not the current record holder for fastest RC car actually achieved a top speed of 134.4mph. And that’s not a scale measurement either nor was it attained through the use of rockets or some sort of cannon. But Nick Maslowski is hoping to beat that record with his X2 RC dragster, and by a wide margin. While the car isn’t much to look at I guess keeping it streamlined and ‘boring’ is an important part of achieving his goal. Theoretically the 29.6 volt motor should be able to propel the car up to 274mph but when you factor in drag and friction Nick is aiming a bit lower at 200mph. Still it’s an impressive feat when I’ve never even driven a full size car capable of that speed.

The X2 relies on special foam tires that won’t disintegrate or melt at the high RPMs and also uses a gyroscope controlled set of fins on the back to keep the dragster going in a straight line. I can’t imagine it would even be possible for Nick to safely steer the X2 via a remote control even if he wanted to.

I’ve included a Google Video after the jump that shows Nick testing the X2 at the Houston Raceway. To be honest the video’s not the most exciting thing but at least you get a good idea of just how fast the little car can move.

[ RC Car Aims for 200-mph Record ] VIA [ Autoblog ]