Are you a spy? Do you need to have secret conversations without anyone hearing you? We’ve got your covered!

Introducing the Voice-Muffling Face Masks!  It hides the lower part of your face and muffles your voice that way people around you cannot hear you… or even read your lips. Built-in earbuds included to hear the person you’re talking to (even if you don’t want to).

It’s wireless and absolutely ridiculous.But it’s perfect for people who work in open space offices or those who just want to have conversations in public. Additionally it can play external sounds to deeper mask your voice. The sounds are optional, it can sound like R2-D2 beeping or a low Darth Vader style voice. The full specs will be available as soon as the product hits the e-shelves.

Hushme are also considering a voice changing option {ultimate kek}.

The device have plans to get a crowdfunding campaign going this year, and the headset is expected to cost around $200.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]