Video Helicopter

By Evan Ackerman

Just within the last year, toy helicopters have become cheap and readily available, and now that some of the novelty has worn off, they’re starting to develop accessories, like this real-time camera downlink. A small camera in the nose of the Radio Control Camera Helicopter streams video back to the controller, where you view the footage on a 2 inch LCD. Alternately, cables are included to put the video on a TV (or record it). The helicopter itself is nothing special, with only 3 channels of control (forward and backward, left and right yaw, and up and down). The entire package costs only $200, which makes me think that it’s short range, the video is lousy, and it’s probably not going to go very far on a single charge. But hey, you’ve got to admit that it’s pretty cool for what it is.

Video Helicopter

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