RealD LP (Image courtesy Engadget)
By Andrew Liszewski

RealD, the company partly responsible for making Coraline one of the better movie experiences I’ve had in a while, has just introduced a mobile 3D projection system known as the ‘LP’ designed for conference rooms, museums, virtual rides and other locations where installing a double projector system would be problematic. The RealD LP is actually the peripheral that sits in front of the projector lens, and polarizes the imagery coming from 3D-enabled projectors from companies like NEC and Christie. You’ll still need to wear a set of polarized glasses to get the 3D effect, and from what I can tell, the LP uses a linear polarizing system instead of the circular system employed in most RealD equipped theaters. So there’s the chance that turning your head could mess with the 3D effect, which is a problem that earlier 3D projection systems suffered from.

However, the compact unit means that genuine 3D projectors and display systems in the home are not that far off, and in fact the only thing stopping you from getting one of these for your living room is the unmentioned price, which probably means it’s a good idea to wait a few years.

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