Reebok Voltron Sneakers


Reebok Voltron Sneakers (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Let’s face it, most of us who are obsessed with gadgets and gizmos are just using them as a substitute for all the awesome toys we owned in the 80’s. Sure, now that we’re older you can get away with a few action figures posed on your desk or shelf but don’t even think of playing with them. In an attempt to tap in (and cash in) to those memories Reebok is releasing a line of 5 Voltron themed sneakers.

Voltron is of course one of the better cartoons / toy lines from the 80’s and if you’re unfamiliar with the show then please just move along because these sneaks won’t interest you. For the rest of us each pair in this line is colored and patterned according to each of the 5 lions in the cartoon. The shoes include the Court Victory for the black lion, the Pump Omni Lite for the yellow lion, the Ventilator for the blue lion, the ERS Racer for the green lion and the Insta Pump Fury for the red lion. It’s also rumored that each pair will include the corresponding figure basically forcing nostalgic collectors to buy each one in order to complete their Voltron collection. (Optionally you can just grab the Voltron 20th Anniversary Masterpiece Edition like yours truly recently received for his birthday.)

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  1. These are HEDIOUS, taking crappy 80s shoes, then taking a color crap on them, still comes out as sh1tty as the original.
    oh yea i’ve been waiting to have baby blue, chicken sh1t yellow, booger green and hooker red all on the same 2 square inches on my foot.
    these are true Re-barf, i mean rebox’s.

  2. I got Black Red and Green so far and they are sweet sneakers. You have no idea till you see them. Don’t mind Anonymou’s post. Its his opinion and may not like the cartoon or hes just flaming the sight. They are a sweet sneaker. Real leather. I wore my black lion sneakers one day and got like 6 complements from them.