By David Ponce

The RelaxOne from company Relaxman is a relaxation chair. Simple as that. You sit in it, looking like an imbecile, and surround yourself with soothing sounds. There’s an entire sound system in there that bounces sound waves around in a special way so that the music waves themselves give you a sort of massage. Yeah, sounds kind of trippy, so maybe the company’s description sounds better:

The active relaxation is essentially provoked by listening to the especially composed music, through the acoustic system of the chair. The music is not only perceived by the ears, but also throughout the whole body. The low frequencies put the muscles in resonance to provoke a spontaneous relaxation. Conditions of listening are exceptional and will delight audiophiles.

Maybe not.

We’re not sure how much it is, nor whether it’s even available for purchase, but there you have it: an acoustical sensory immersion dome that looks like a giant human-swallowing egg.

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  1. Why it’s Mork’s egg! Nanu Nanu! Come on all you narally 80’s children does this not remind you of Mork’s egg on Mork and Mindy? Cool now I can pretend that I’m calling the planet Ork……………….NOT!

  2. Rick, I hear you, but I was immediately reminded of Zoolander. It looks like the whole version of what he was sitting in when they were “brain-washing” him conveniently to “Relax”. I’m almost surprised its not manufactured by Mugatu, LLC.