reLEAF (Image courtesy FULGURO)
By Andrew Liszewski

The last time I was outside it looked to me like the local plant life was doing just fine without any help from us. But, if you’re the type who babies their plants the same way others do a dog, you might worry about them not getting enough water. The logical solution would be to just use a watering can, but if you’d rather they stick to a strict diet of rain water the reLEAF will ensure they get plenty the next time the heavens let loose.

Created by the swiss design team FULGURO (Cédric Decroux and Yves Fidalgo) the reLEAF is made from a thermo lacquered aluminum sheet which has been folded to resemble a leaf. The shape aids in the collection of rain water that’s delivered directly to the roots thanks to the funnel-shaped stem. While using it on a plant might seem a bit odd, the reLEAF can also just be stuck in a bucket for the same purpose of collecting extra rain water.

The reLEAF isn’t for sale but you can check it out at the “‘Belle Vue Exhibition Of Young Swiss Designers” which is part of the currently running Vienna Design Week.

[ reLEAF ] VIA [ Inhabitat ]