By Luke Anderson

A few years ago, the worst nightmare of any geek was Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. While that’s still the primary concern of many proud geek, there has been something else creeping up that could put you out of commission. That’s right, Blackberry Thumb. Sure, it sounds amusing, but contacting this horrible affliction could mean slower typing on your precious smartphone. Thankfully, there’s something out there that makes treating Blackberrry Thumb a breeze; behold the Xtensor.

Sure, that was a bit over-the-top, but it is quite serious to those who are affected. The Xtensor it “the first product on the market to perform with true bio-mechanically correctness and treats the direct cause of this pain.” It appears to use elastic bands attached to the tips of your fingers to provide resistance when extending them. I’m not doctor (but I play one on TV) so I can’t really tell you how this helps, but it’s certainly worth a shot if you’re in pain.

The Xtensor comes in either blue or yellow and will set you back $39, which isn’t too bad, provided it actually provides some amount of relief.

[ Xtensor ] VIA [ Crave ]