RC Metal Detector (Images courtesy Discovery Channel Store)By Andrew Liszewski

No one ever goes to the beach to work (well except maybe for lifeguards) so why would you bring along a metal detector you have to carry around all day? Where’s the relaxation in that? Instead why not get yourself a small army of these remote control metal detectors that allow you to scour for treasures from the comfort of your beach chair.

Granted this thing is probably not even close to the sensitivity or accuracy of a high-end metal detector but just keep in mind those pro-models don’t even have remotes. The mobile detector comes equipped with large, all-terrain wheels and can be controlled up to 50 feet away which probably limits your chances of ever stumbling upon that chest of pirate treasure you’re after. Also, I’m pretty sure given the price of this thing it’s not waterproof either so you’ll probably want to keep it well clear of the surf.

The RC Mobile Metal Detector is available from the Discovery Channel Store for $34.96.

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