Pumpkin Lights with Remote Control (Image courtesy Williams Sonoma)
By Andrew Liszewski

I can understand that artificial lighting in a pumpkin is a lot safer than a burning candle, particularly if kids are involved, but the smell of scorched pumpkin lid is something that always kindles fond memories of my childhood. But if you prefer to play it safe, these remote control pumpkin lights from Williams Sonoma won’t torch your carved creations, and don’t even require you to go outside to turn them on.

Each light is powered by 3xAAA batteries which is good for about 100 hours of use, and the wireless remote allows you to turn them on and off, switch between steady and flickering light and adjust the brightness, all from a distance of about 20 feet away. A set of 2 with a remote will set you back $19.95, which isn’t too bad, even if they get destroyed when the neighborhood kids smash your pumpkin.

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