By David Ponce

This is not the kind of jetpack you have in mind. The Jetlev R200 is a tethered jetpack, which shoots water out its nozzles as its propulsion system. It’s tied to a companion boat through a 33ft long hose, and since the heavy lifting work of pumping all this water is done on this boat, the pack itself weighs very little and is very maneuverable. Of course the limitations are that you can’t go over land with it, you can’t go higher than 33ft and you can’t go anywhere without the companion boat following you.

But who cares, this thing is awesome! It’s still able to do a top speed of 25mph and with the 26 gallons of fuel on board, you can get up to 3h of fun without refueling. Also, the companion boat is unmanned. It appears you tug it along, though we’re certain it has a propulsion system of its own. And while the Jetlev R200 isn’t new, it used to be that you’d have to pay $99,500 to get your own. Of course normal people couldn’t afford them but word is now coming out that you can rent one for a couple of hours for about $250 from whichever companies bought these. We’ve heard they are in places like Lake Havasu, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and Florida, in the US as well as Germany and Singapore. One of these companies, Jet Pack Adventures, is linked to below.

[ Jet Pack Adventures ] AND [ Manufacturer Website ] VIA [ TechEBlog ]