By Chris Scott Barr

The year 2015 is slowly creeping up on us, which means there isn’t a lot of time for certain promises to be fulfilled. Flying cars, self-lacing shoes and of course, hoverboards. We’ve yet to see any real improvements on these technologies in the last 25-years, not enough to make me think we’ll see any of these in the next five years at least. The only way we’re going to get close to owning such things is to build awesome replicas, like this hoverboard.

Unlike most replicas I’ve seen, this board has one very unique feature. It actually hovers. Sadly, it only does so when placed upon a very special pedestal. It uses a pair of electromagnets and a laser system to keep it in place an inch or two in the air. It’s not powerful enough to hold the weight of a person, only around 4.5lbs. Still, just sitting there it looks like a perfectly functional hoverboard. Is it a perfect replica? No. Would it still be awesome sitting in your house? Yes.

[ Crealev ] VIA [ Dvice ]