Mark the Spot

By Chris Scott Barr

Lately Verizon has gotten pretty bold with their ads, specifically targeting AT&T’s poor coverage. Of course AT&T didn’t take to kindly to their name being tarnished, and threw quite the fit over it. Now that a little time has passed, they’ve composed themselves and decided to take a new course of action. Rather than complain about Verizon picking on them, they’re trying to actually fix the core issue.

iPhone users can now download the free ‘AT&T Mark the Spot’ app, which will let you report to the phone giant whenever you have connection issues. AT&T will then take the information and use it to determine what parts of their network are in need of an upgrade.

The app uses a combination of GPS and cell tower-triangulation in order to determine where you are at the time of signal loss. While this may seem like a Catch-22 (you a signal to report not having any signal) there is a feature that allows you to pinpoint the area you were in at a later time. Thus allowing you to properly report your dropped call, or whatever service issues you were having.

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  1. Well the fact that they didn't just ignore the issue that if there isn't signal how do you report. I think this is a great first step for AT&T. They were a good company, until Cingular bought them…

  2. Right…because we know how useful this in when you're in an area and you can't make a call because you have no signal at all to tell them you have no signal…..great idea!
    Lets put it this way AT&T. I had to reconfigure some settings for my employer's iPhone and when talking to AT&T's support they told me to call them on another phone as I would probably need to reset the iPhone so I gave them my Verizon cell number and they called me back and they were giving me instructions and I kept restarting because the iPhone had no signal or kept dropping it and couldn't sync with the network to get the changes they made so I had to go outside the building to get one bar. The AT&T guy said, “yeah, I'm not sure why you can't get a signal”. I had three bars all the time while inside the building with my Verizon phone. Can you hear me now AT&T?