You’re looking at a fully functional, though air-powered, W32 engine. Yes, that’s 32 cylinders, 32 pistons, and who knows how many valves, springs and assorted pieces. Actually, we do know: it’s made up of 850 pieces, 632 screws/bolts, and took 2,520 hours to complete. Made by one José Manuel Hermo Barreiro (also known as Patelo), a retired Spanish naval mechanic known for his miniatures, the engine appears to measure less than 1ft. in length. When the power source is turned on, it’s a marvel to watch everything move in unison. His craftsmanship is so precise that even when the engine is running, the vibrations are kept to a minimum and it’s possible to balance some coins on it. Jose machined all the parts himself, and you should totally watch the below video to get a sense of the complexity involved.

VIA [ DamnGeeky ]