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Retro Cassette Wallets

Retro Cassette Wallets (Images courtesy designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

The 80’s brought us quite a few innovations in both technology and fashion that we’ll hopefully never see again. But those still clinging to fading memories from that decade will no doubt be happy to carry around this little bit of nostalgia from that era. These wallets (which are more like simple zippered pockets) are fashioned from the empty shells of old cassette tapes. While there’s no slots for credit cards or places for baby photos they should still provide ample storage for a night out.

The wallets are all hand made and each one is a unique creation given how few cassettes are actually produced these days. And since the designer Marcella Foschi is Italian the cassettes also seem to come from Italy and include artists like Colonne Sonore, Renato Zero and Aldo Varini. Yeah, I’ve never heard of any of them either but I think that adds to the coolness factor here.

The Cassette Wallets are available from designboom for $32 each but it seems the site is sold out at the moment.

[ Retro Cassette Wallets ] VIA [ Josh Spear ]