Retro Gaming Is Alive And Well: GameDock Turns iDevice Into NES-like Console


By David Ponce

Retro gaming is an area that seems to be doing quite well right now and an entire ecosystem is being developed to support it. Many of you are probably familiar with the iCade, which takes an iPad and turns it into a small, old-school gaming arcade. Well the GameDock pictured above takes a different approach. It allows you to dock your iPhone and play iCade games on any television while using an NES-like controller. The creators felt that it bridged the gap between the too-small screen of the iPhone and the too-large-for-on-screen-controls of the iPad, while giving gamers that genuine old-timey feel of classic controllers. The dock also charges your phone as you play so you can keep going forever.

This is a Kickstarter project that is still well short of its funding goal, but if you want to help make it happen, it’ll cost you either $100 if you get in on the last 3 of the 75 early-bird units, or $150 for one GameDock and one controller. You can expect delivery in December.

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