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By Andrew Liszewski

Eco-friendly reusable water bottles seem to be the preferred way to stay hydrated while saving the planet these days, but if you miss the simple pleasures of drinking out of a can, rest assured you haven’t been forgotten. Dig out those foam can cozies again because these Eco Cans are some of the first reusable cans on the market.

While it might look like a regular soda can, instead of aluminum they’re made from a biodegradable corn starch-like material called PLA. And while it’s safer for the environment when disposed of, these cans are designed to be used again and again. They’re actually double-wall insulated so they keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, are microwave and dishwasher-friendly and even have a pop-up lid that looks just like a soda can ring pull. Though the top does screw off making it far easier to fill. Available from for ~$21 (£12.99).

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  1. The whole point of a can is that it is a can. This is just a horribly overpriced mug that looks vaguely like a cartoon picture of a can. If you want to be eco-friendly, just learn to recycle your regular cans instead of buying a “biodegradable” (which sounds like it is encouraging people to litter) piece of garbage like this.