Reversing Goggles Lets You See The World Upside Down, Even Sideways


By David Ponce

As some of you may know, the image that hits our retina is actually reversed upside down, but our brains compensate for this and we see the world properly. Still, there are those that wonder how things would be if you were to see things just the way they fall on the retina. That’s where these Reversing Googles come in. They serve no other purpose than to satisfy your curiosity. A special prism turns everything upside down, or if you adjust them accordingly, sideways. It goes without saying that this can lead to all kinds of hilarity, all the more so if alcohol is introduced. We’re not saying you should do this, we’re just saying. Also:

“Back in the 1890s the American scientist George Stratton conducted an experiment to see what would happen if he viewed the world through an inverting prism. He found that after 4 days, his brain started to compensate, and he could see the world the right way up again.”

So that’s another thing you can try. Keep them on for a few days and see what will happen; will your brain adjust?

It’s $87 to find out.

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  1. A teacher of mine did this experiment in the 60’s in college.  His vision did indeed right itself after 4-5 days.  The trippiest part he said, was at the end of the experiment, was when he removed his goggles and the world was upside down.

  2. the original experiment was an effort to determine if the optic nerve “twisted” the image as it went into the brain or whether the “brain” righted the image….if the optic nerve twisted then the image would remain up-side-down and would not be corrected…but, the image was corrected proving that the brain controlled…

  3. What would be even better would be 270 degree or 360 degree goggles that let you see what was beside & behind you. After getting used to that, removing them would be like going partially blind.