Losing stuff sucks, especially when it’s a high priced gadget. Granted there will be times when the loss is really a theft, but whether the object’s disappearance is accidental or not, the RewardTag just might help tilt the scales your way and ensure you get it back. It’s a simple sticker that you place on whatever object you want to protect. When it’s in someone else’s hands, they’ll have the option to visit a website, enter the unique identifier code and see what reward is offered for the device’s safe return. It’s up to you to set how much you want to offer and depending on that, you may just convince someone to put the item in the mail and send it your way. You can also enter a personal message, pleading your case. Sure, this may not convince a thief who stands to make a good chunk of change by just selling it on the black market and who can’t be sure he’ll get paid if he in fact sends it in. But for a good soul that finds a legitimately lost item, a $50 or whatever might just encourage them to make the trek to the post office.

RewardTag is currently in the funding phase at IndieGogo and… has a long way to go. But at $5 a tag or 3 for $10 it’s not that expensive to get in on the action.

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