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Ricoh GR DIGITAL II (Images courtesy Ricoh)By Andrew Liszewski

Ricoh has just announced the follow-up to its GR DIGITAL camera with the cleverly named GR DIGITAL II. The camera actually uses a fixed focal length lens which sets it apart from other P&S cameras on the market. The lens is the equivalent of a 28mm on a 35mm camera, with a maximum focal length of F 2.4.

As a result the camera is specifically designed for landscape and other wide-angle photography. In fact it even includes an electronic leveler for keeping your shots horizontally or vertically level, which is important for that type of photography. An on-screen bar shows which way the camera needs to be tilted to make it level, or an audible signal can be used if you’re looking through the optical viewfinder and can’t see the LCD display.

Other improvements to the GR DIGITAL II include a new 10 megapixel sensor and the ability to shoot with a square frame to emulate 6×6 medium format cameras. Images can be saved as JPEGs or as RAW files straight from the sensor using the Adobe DNG format.

The camera should be available sometime in November for about $700.

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