Your phone is likely able to take a panoramic shot. Sweet, right? Well, really, it’s just sort of ok. For one, you have to learn how to take that shot, slowly panning and keeping your hand stable. Secondly, if anything is moving across your field of view as you take it, you end up with headless bodies and other hilarious artifacts. Not to mention, you’ll be lucky to get 160-180 degrees in one picture. Ricoh does away with all that noise with the Theta. It features two back-to-back lenses which capture 360 degrees at the single press of a button. Software on your smartphone or PC/Mac then lets you view and explore the pictures you take. It’s a pretty interesting innovation, even if it’s not one for every occasion. If you expect to be out, exploring scenic settings, you may want to have Theta around. If you’re just going to the club, carrying a second digital device might not be worth it. Granted this creates a smaller niche market, and at $399, might be a tough sell for many. Still, it’s nice to know this exists and if it’s your cup of tea, it’ll be available later this month.

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