Rise Alarm Clock

Getting up every morning to go to work is one of the hardest things to do…if you love sleep as much as I do. If you’ve been late more times than you should’ve this year and can’t really make yourself go to bed earlier the night before, then you need a simple but smart alarm clock app that you can count on, like Rise.

It sports an easy-to-navigate interface that takes full advantage of your iPhone’s touch, gesture, and swipe controls.

Rise is perfect for minimalists who want their apps stripped off of all the frills that they don’t really need. Using the slider, the user can set the alarm time. With a swipe, the alarm can be turned on and off. And with a quick shake, the snooze can be activated.

Rise can be downloaded from the iTunes app store for $1.99.

[ Rise ] VIA [ Laughing Squid ]


  1. Blackberry Z10 has this built into it and does a much better job, not only does the screen brighten as it rises you from sleep but the alarm gets louder in increments to match the screen. very pleasant way to wake each morning.