RoboCup 2007: As Good As The Real Thing



By Evan Ackerman

The RoboCup soccer tournament in Atlanta has drawn to a close; congrats to team NimbRo who won the “kidsize” 2v2 competition. There are of course lots of videos of RoboCup 2007 kicking around on YouTube, but here’s an especially close quarterfinal match pitting NimbRo against the Darmstadt Dribblers. If you’re a soccer fan, you’ll appreciate the dramatic saves from the goalies (well, sometimes dramatic) as well as the unbridled robot-on-robot brutality. And of course, just like real soccer players, you’ll catch these robots taking dives from time to time when nobody is anywhere near them.

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  1. Here is the video of the Humanoid Soccer Final:

    In the final match the titleholder Team Osaka (Japan) met team NimbRo from Freiburg University (Germany). The same two teams had met in the two previous years. The 2007 final was one of the best humanoid soccer games ever, if not the best. Team Osaka played with one goalie and one field player while NimbRo used two field players. The Osaka robots were very quick to approach the ball and to kick it across the field. The NimbRo robots excelled in one-on-one fights for the ball and also demonstrated nice team play. The exciting game was open until the end. The final score was 8:6 for NimbRo.

    The NimbRo robots not only won the KidSize soccer competition, but also the TeenSize Penalty Kick, where they defeated Pal Technology (Spain) 5:4 in the final.

    More information and images can be found here: