By Evan Ackerman

Power PedalMatsushita Electric’s Power Pedal robot suit is a wearable exoskeleton (exo-lower torso, anyway) that provides the wearer with up to seven times more leg power. The robot legs are controlled via foot pedals, and with six axes of movement, the legs will remain stable even over rough ground. It’s designed for a good cause of course (namely helping disabled and elderly people to walk), but you can get your own for any good or evil cause you want for about $167,000 in August of this year (which is pretty darn quick). In under ten years, Matsushita expects the price to drop to around $30,000.

There’s no detailed info on how fast these things move or exactly what they are capable of, but it’s good to know that we’re making strides toward an alien queen ass kicking machine (Aliens movie clip most likely NSFW).

VIA [ Pink Tentacle ]


  1. Sounds like someone was inspired by Moleman’s new legs from when the Simpson’s went to cheer grandpa on at the Elderly Olympics (Episode 384 i believe).