By David Ponce

We’re going to assume you didn’t just wake up from a 15 year slumber and stumble on the Internet; QWOP is a classic game that you’ve probably tried (and failed) to play at least once. And if this is your first time online, we’re flattered you came to OhGizmo! first. For the rest of you, enjoy the below video and expect to laugh till’ you cry. We did. It’s a kid pretending to be the QWOP runner. He’s awesome! He wins 500 Internet points! We only wish it was a longer vid.

It’s your first time on the inter tubes? Really? Ok, well… below is also a link to the game, which has been dubbed the world’s hardest. Go try it out and see if your character doesn’t look identical to this kid.

[ QWOP ] VIA [ Geekologie ]