RPG7 PET Bottle Launcher Looks Awesome


We’re sorely lacking in details on this product because the website is Japanese and all the text is in an image, making it almost impossible to use Google Translate. We do think we know this much: it’s a toy designed to launch water bottles as if they were rocket propelled grenades. They are… water propelled bottles? With a 35ΒΊ angle, you can launch a 600cc bottle up to 35meters away. That’s… not very far! But it’s still cool because it looks like an RPG launcher and if you were to use it in Pakistan to play a prank on the locals, you’d be guaranteed a swift bombing by a drone. Or you can just, you know, play with this safely in your backyard like a normal person.

Well… a normal person with lots of disposable income because the RPG7 is going for Β₯28,350 (~$361 USD). That’s one expensive toy.

Incidentally if any of our Japanese speaking readers wants to help us out and dig some details from the links below, that’d be pretty cool.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ LikeCool ]