apple macbook proBy David Ponce

File this under the rumor section, but there’s a very good chance Apple will announce their smallest notebook ever at MacWorld, in January 2008. The rumors are so strong, a price tag is even being tossed around: $1,500.

CNBC show host Jim Goldman has said in a financial TV report broadcast today and observed by AppleInsider. The presenter refers to alleged sources close to Apple’s manufacturing plants in southeast Asia who have seen the 12-inch notebook and appear to confirm earlier details of the computer, which include a design half as thin as today’s systems and the use of slimmer, more efficient flash memory for storage.

No shipping date is suggested, though production has already begun, which could mean availability as soon as it’s announced. Our own Evan is likely to attend MacWorld, so tune in during that week to get first hand reporting on this.

VIA [ Electronista ]