Plastic iPhone 5

For weeks, we’ve been hearing that Apple has a budget iPhone in the works. It makes perfect sense that they’re trying to tap into this market, considering the fact that the regular iPhone is way out of the budget of most people. For years, the Android has been hot in its heels and it looks like the rival OS is gaining more and more ground. There is a wide variety of Android devices available in the market, from high-end luxury phones to affordable but still full-featured smartphones.

Images of Apple’s purported budget iPhone leaked earlier this month. Apple hasn’t confirmed the existence of the device yet, although sources claim that they’ll be launching it this September. Perhaps fueling these rumors even more is the appearance of a case for the “iPhone 5C” on Amazon.Plastic iPhone 5-

Elago design is the firm behind the case, which is priced at $9.99. It’s a bit suspect though, that the list price was originally $1,999 and they decided to give a 99.5% discount to drop the price to about 10 bucks. I think that’s enough to make a lot of people wary, but with the constant leaks of the devices specs, outer shell, and even buttons, it’s hard to deny the existence of such phone.

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