S-XGen UMPC Features Flip-and-Fold Keyboard


s-xgenBy David Ponce

For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is their relative lack of usability (I’m not a big fan of having to enter data via touchscreen, or having to carry a separate keyboard on a portable device), I’m holding off from diving head-first into the UMPC bandwagon. And any step taken towards making the devices easier to use is welcome. While it may not seem like a revolutionary leap forward, the upcoming S-XGen from Seamless WiFi features an elegant design element: a flip-and-fold keyboard. It’s simple, it’s nicely integrated and if everything else is done correctly, might just be enough to nudge me into a purchase.

The company is pretty mum on details for the product, at least until CES. Word is the device will include Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular connectivity, and that it’ll pack a 4-inch LCD and a promised 10 hours of battery life. No word on price yet.

[Seamless WiFi] VIA [Engadget]