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Samsung is taking the concept of wireless earbuds a step further by also removing the wire that connects the two earbuds, making the Gear IconX truly wireless.

Each of the earbuds weighs a little more than a quarter and they are stored in a pill-shaped case that charges the cordless earbuds. As with other wireless earbuds, they connect via Bluetooth to your cell phone or tablet. The Gear IconX earbuds work with most Android devices — must be running Android 4.4 or later and have at least 1.5GB of RAM — but are not compatible with iOS devices. One awesome spec about these wireless earbuds is the 4GB of internal storage that can be used to store music or other audio files. Hence, there is no need to be connected to a device, you can store music on them too.

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Tracking Success

Samsung is also classifying the product as a fitness-tracking device. It measures movement, heart rate and distance traveled through sensors built into the earbuds, in addition to tracking calories burned. All of the fitness information is stored in Samsung’s S Health app on your phone or tablet, and it can then be exported to other fitness apps.

Memory and More

When you’re streaming audio from your phone, the Gear IconX earbuds will last about 1.5 hours on a single charge, but the earbuds will last up to 3.5 hours when listening to the music stored in the earbuds’ internal memory. You can control your audio by tapping and swiping directly on the earbuds, and the Gear IconX can also be controlled by an Android app you can download to your device.

Advantages of the truly wireless Gear IconX earbuds include not having to be tethered by a wire within a couple of feet from your device and not even needing to use a phone with the earbuds by utilizing the built-in storage to keep music directly on the earbuds. Their small size is also advantageous because they are easy to carry around with you.


Samsung has not yet announced a release date other than to say they’ll be released later this year. They’ll come in white, blue and black with a $199.99 retail price in the U.S. Once released, they should be available at most major electronics retailers.

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