Samsung Touch of Color Photo Frame is Thin and Sexy



By Shane McGlaun

Digital photo frames may seem boring, but anyone who takes lots of digital pictures will find that the gadgets are a great way to do something with all those pictures other than letting them sit on your computer or memory card. The price of digital photo frames are coming down as well making them more affordable.

Samsung has announced a new digital frame that is under an inch thick and sports an 8-inch screen. The screen has a resolution of 800 x 480 and a contrast ratio of 500:1. Despite the small size of the frame, it packs 1GB of memory inside.

Samsung claims that is enough storage for 3,000 photos, assuming they are suitably low resolution. An SD card slot is offered for loading photos into the frames memory and the little frame gets all the juice it needs right form a PCs USB port. That means you can place the frame on a desk and power it totally from your computer. The SPF-87H digital photo frame is available now for $129 at Fry’s and on

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