Samsung NANDBy Asim Waqar

OK, so lets put it in perspective : this chip can store data equivalent to 200 years of a newspapers archive, 8,000 digital music files or 32 hours of DVD-quality music files on a single chip.

It will be able to boost storage capacity in a wide range of digital consumer electronic devices including cellular phones, digital cameras and MP3 players.

Samsung expects the 16Gb memory device to accelerate further expansion of the NAND flash memory market, eventually replacing mini hard disk drives (HDDs) and HDDs for personal computers as mainstream memory storage devices. Apart from other memory chips, flash memory can retain and store information even when the power supply is switched off.

Still in prototype, visit the Samsung NAND pages here.

Update: Hmph… So, um, 16 Gb is really gigabits and not gigabytes (that should be GB), making this an altogether different kind of animal. Or was the “b” really intended to be a “B”? I’m sure our intern will be happy to elucidate the matter as soon as he reads this.


  1. I wanted to blog about this when i first saw the news on BUSINESS WIRE, i thought it was 16GB but then i figured out it’s 16Gb, without knowing what’s good with NAND flash, i thought this is not a big deal, thanks for the link to samsung’s NAND page 🙂

    Ermm.. I guess you made a mistake there (or maybe i’m wrong if the picture you showed is the combined chip), that cheap alone can’t hold data equivalent to 200 years of a newspapers archive, 8,000 digital music files or 32 hours of DVD-quality music files on a single chip. That is achieved by combining up to 16 such devices on a single card, giving a total of 32GB memory.

  2. Samsung unveils 16Gb Memory Chip

    Korean electronics giant Samsung have unveiled a 16Gb chip (16Gbit = 2GByte) that will spearhead further expansion of the $10.14 billion NAND flash memory market. It will compete with mini hard drives as primary memory storage devices i…

  3. You are correct in that it is Gigabits and not gigabytes. But what you are missing is that these chips are not used independantly, but instead are aligned together in groupings of 8 or 16 when used in a device like an SD card. So the 16 Gb chips will allow for compact flash cards that hold 16 or 32 Gigabytes of data. Devices with other form factors could hold many many times that amount.

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