Samsung’s New NX100 Mirrorless Camera Lets Users Adjust Settings Through Its i-Function Lens

Samsung NX100 (Image courtes Samsung)

Samsung NX100 (Image courtes Samsung)
By Andrew Liszewski

Today Samsung announced the follow-up to their NX10 APS-C sensor mirrorless camera with the new 14.6MP NX100 that includes ISO settings up to 6400, a 3-inch AMOLED display, 720P ‘HD’ video recording and an interesting new i-Function lens control mechanism. When the extra i-Function button on the lens is pressed, the manual focus wheel does double duty allowing a user to adjust parameters such as shutter speed, aperture, EV, white balance and ISO. It’s actually not a bad idea given how cramped these smaller interchangeable lens cameras are, allowing users to adjust settings without having to look away from the viewfinder.

When available (those details are currently MIA) the NX100 will have a couple of lens options including a 20-50mm compact zoom, followed shortly by a 20mm wide pancake lens. By the first half of 2011 a 60mm macro and 18-200mm super zoom lens will also be hitting the market. And by the second half of 2011 users will also have the choice of 16mm, 85mm and 16-80mm lenses.


  1. not Micro Four Thirds = WTF?!?!?

    Earlier this month it was Nikon doing this sh*t and now Samsung too?
    Fragmenting the market with less and less standardization, bravo bravo. I can see why they are pulling a SONY here though. They want to use the same sized sensor as in SLR systems which they already make and thus cut cost & effort.

    I hope this will crash and burn in hell. Build a fully compliant Micro Four Thirds or GTFO.